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Travel to Tokyo has never been more affordable!

Enjoy these pictures and video clips that were taken on a 15 day May 2009 Craig Travel escorted tour of Japan. Details are available for the 2012 tour on the Craig Travel Japan web page Kyoto historic capital of Japan can be access from the right hand column "Additional Links" list. The 2011 tour itinerary is identical to the one in 2009 staying in the same hotels and visiting the same sites. It should be noted that the cherry blossom which attracts many visitors is at its peak in April, we only saw a few blossoms on trees in the high Alps. The links list contains information on he hotels and sites visited in chronological order. Craig Travel has a very good reputation for their tours and they did not disappoint on this occasion!

The tourist information includes a slide show featuring travel through the Japanese Alps, Mount Fuji, Ashi lake, the Hida folk Villages, the Takayama Market, Kyoto and Nara. All popular tourist destinations which are offered by a number of tour operators.

The first full day of a 15 day tour of Japan going by bus from our hotel to visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace Plaza, then on to the Meiji Shrine, taking pictures of a Japanese wedding. Followed by a lunch in the Asakusa district, then a walk through a market past the Kaminarimon(Thunder Gate) leading to the Senso-ji Buddhist temple.

After we boarded a bus to the visit Odaiba to see the Tokyo bay and a replica of the Statue of liberty with the Rainbow Bridge in the distance. Finally on to spend some time at the upscale shopping district of Ginza passing by the Kabukiza.

Above is a video of the day 2 excursion to Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture visiting the Hase Temple and the monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amida Buddha at the Kotoku-in Buddhist temple.

Travel to Tokyo-Tokyo Meiji Shrine Kenrokuen Garden Lantern Kyoto Station

A Meiji Shrine Bride

Kenroku-en Garden Lantern

Kyoto Station

Travel to Tokyo-Tokyo Meiji-Jingu ShrineNagano Matsumoto CastleTakayama Village Home

Kyoto Heian-jingu shrineKyoto Nijo Castle Ninomaru PalaceKyoto Imperial Palace

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