For those of you who are previous visitors welcome back to my personal In2Clicks website. I originally constructed the site in as a personal/professional development project. And as previous visitors know, it was never finished because I got into looking other website projects, asp.net and other flash site formats. This small site had little focus or reason for being other than as somewhere for me to share pictures and visit some little known Cornish webcams.

So why bother to upgrade the site? I like the domain name! And need to consolidate my personal projects so that my www.OttawaCam.com can be reconfigured into a strictly Ottawa and local area pictures and information site. This site is intended for my pleasure and for those people who come across it and wish to browse through its pages.

I have come to the conclusion that a simple clean format for this site is best solution, with that in mind I had the motivation and desire to improve it. My interests are photography, high definition video and travel. The site reflects those interests and allows access for family friends and those I have met on my travels to view my pictures and video clips. The Butchart Gardens is the latest HD video shot in June 2010 with editing completed in July.

Links and information that may be of interest to people thinking of visiting to the travel locations have also been added. The slide shows provide an easy way to view pictures and I have added thumbnail pages with high definition pop ups for people to be able to download pictures and for the search engines to be able to correctly profile and advertise the site.

The media clips are in 720P high definition and for those who are viewing it over Wifi or slower broadband connections I have provided links to lower definition copies. I have limited media editing facilities which results in having larger file types and I am currently looking to resolve this problem. High definition provides for a better viewing experience. The pictures were taken mostly with Nikon D80, D200 and D700 cameras and an assortment of lenses. The video is taken with a Canon Vixia HV30 full 1080i HD handy cam with production editing in Pinnacle studio 12 ultimate.

The basic template design for this site was provided for free by D Carter, recognition and a link to his site is located in the footer bar. The basic template designfor this site was provided for free by D Carter, recognition and a link to his site is located in the footer bar. The template was provided as being XHTML 1.1 which it is not. However, using the template has considerably reduced the amount of work necessary to complete the site coding. If you go to the D Carter site you will find a number of attractive templates that are XHTML 1.1 fully compliant. Minor enhancements that are cosmetic make this site not fully XHTML 1.1 compliant. I can recommend using high quality templates. While I have created sites from scratch a good template is an attractive solution to kick starting a new website project. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of work to create a professional looking site with some reasonable content. The code for this site has been created and validated using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition which can be downloaded for free and I can recommend it for ease of use, syntax prompts and its validation features.

Enjoy the site and if you have any questions or comments I can be contacted via a contact page email. I'm currently an under employed high tech specialist working on various business opportunities and will be pleased to reply to non spam emails.

Best Wishes,

Mark Jago.




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