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Kyoto was for a 1,000 years the historic capital of Japan and is three hours by bullet train from Tokyo. The street view below is located outside the Kyoto Nishi Hongan-ji Temple two minutes walk to the south of the Tokyu hotel. Tourist information can be found about the the temples, shrines and public transport in the links to the right hand column.

These pictures were taken during an all too short four day Kyoto visit that included one day visiting the Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) Temple, the Todaiji ("Great Eastern Temple")and Kasuga Taisha Shrine at Nara. While in Kyoto we stayed at the Kyoto Tokyo Hotel in Shimogyo-ku ward close the Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple and is within walking distance from the main Kyoto train station. The information links also include the Kyoto Handicraft Center, the Gion Geisha District and information about shabu-shabu all interesting experiences that we enjoyed during our stay in Kyoto.

Kyoto Heian-jingu Shrine May 18 2009 Kyoto Nishi Hongan-ji Temple Lantern Kyoto Station View of Kyoto

Kyoto Heian-jingu Shrine

Kyoto Nishi Hongan-ji Temple Lantern

Kyoto Station View of Kyoto

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Kyoto Heian-jingu ShrineKyoto Heian-jingu ShrineKyoto Heian-jingu Shrine Torii

Heian-jingu Shrine Kyoto Japan travelHeian-jingu Shrine KyotoHeian-jingu Shrine Kyoto Japan travel

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